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The digital marketing professionals at Clear Digital Labs recognize that today’s employment landscape is unfamiliar terrain for those on both sides of the employment supply and demand pipeline. Therefore, we work with industry and local employers to dig deeply into workforce and occupational trends and more, providing insight into the mindset of today’s earner-learners and employers on issues such as job readiness, job requirements, career advancement; the growing reliance on skills-based training, employer-recognized credentials, and technology usage to signal a candidate’s qualifications for a digital marketing role. We then look for innovative ways to translate the collective knowledge we gain into real-world training and non-training solutions.

Workforce Challenges Faced by Academic Programs

Employers continue to struggle to find the right worker fit, therefore they are loosening or
better-addressing job skills requirements in order to gain access to a bigger (and more diverse)
talent pool of candidates.

There is a quickly shifting employment landscape in which many hiring managers are prioritizing
essential skills, credentials, and a candidate’s ability to work with the help of technology over
degree requirements.

The growing adoption of disruptive technologies has significantly impacted the workforce in
nearly every industry. Adapting to these changes requires that the workforce acquire new skills
or, perhaps, quickly adapt to emerging occupational requirements in the wake of widespread

Higher education providers still need external resources and the support of their stakeholders
to deliver pathways to employment. Academic programs need the support of employers to
develop the right mix of education and career services or occupational resources to meet the
needs of a diverse group of employers with an assortment of expectations, and differing
occupational standards.

There is a recognition that there remains a shortage of internships, externships, and
apprenticeships to address the changing occupational landscape and streamline the processes
of learning through employment onboarding and that more needs to be done to increase the
awareness of work experience and increase employer participation.

By working with Clear Digital Labs you help to create shared learning experiences that:

  • Increase the design of stackable pathways that integrate credential skills along the way

  • Ensure that learning is universally flexible with multi-model options

  • Promise applied opportunities for learners attracted to marketing-related occupations

  • Ensure that all learners have equitable access to occupation-specific support services

  • Establish connections that modernize learning progression and employment onboarding

Clear Digital Labs seeks out relationships with pre and post-secondary instructors to address
today’s rapidly changing workforce challenges. Our collaborative occupation-driven, academic-
facing approaches to learning and development are thoughtfully considered to meet
employment onboarding needs while helping to boost academic programs and encourage the
evolution of the greater workforce system.


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